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So, I made it to the pool a few times...
... no training or drills, just leisurely swimming. And letting my mind wander... ;)

To TI, and SwimTrek mostly.

- I do like the ease, the effortlessness my drilling the last years have given me
- but, thinking about a patient lead hand (to the point of gliding to almost a standstill) and counting strokes per length (14 as opposed to my normal 18 or 20) I do get miffed that it seems to make me so... very... slooooooow...
- and, while I'm proud to have the core strength and balance to do these glides, I remembered that I had been working my way through the Ultra-Efficient Freestyle Complete Self-Coaching Toolkit *giggles at name* and that just before I took off to crete I came across a drill that taught to get away from the 'lead hand pause'
- and I realised I really want to get back to TI and doing these drills to eliminate the pause

Plus, I gave my... er... my cousin's daughter?, who has swimming as part of her 'Sports' specialised course in the university-entrance diploma, a TI book(let), because while she is an exellent athlete... a swimmer she's not. And I want to spend time with her at the pool and help... so moar pooltime!

(hah! for once I remember to doublepost!)
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